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Oct 19, 2012 4:00am EDT
with cross border m&a, archer daniels midland has confirmed it bought a 10% stake in grain corp. adm says it's also seeking talks on a takeover that will give america'sing a gra business a stronger supply base to asia. they have until next tuesday to study the proposal. and china's direct foreign investment slipped again in september. extending the longest run of declines. and for the first nine months of the year, fde strank to roughly $83.5 billion. there were positive bits of news. china remains on course to meet its targets. outbound rose almost 29% year on year. joining us now for more is managing director and head of research at reorient financial markets. is it around the positive today as it was in the past is th. >> not by any means. k45 china is becoming a normal large economy. when there is m akdnd&a cross b across into united states and japan, they're asking themselves was there a good investment to make by softbank in sprint nextel and i think in china, the same thing is happening. our company is very much involved in these foreign invegsmentes in china and many of these foreign
Oct 22, 2012 6:00am EDT
. >> newer a no win situation. >> i'm losing. and the's only 6:03. >> how about archer daniels midland is bidding for grain corp. >> according to who? >> not deal book. i'm not going to attribute this to anyone. i just know this one. according to me. the deal comes at the time of consolidation in the global grain sector. you know, australia is considered a coveted market due to its stable policy are a fweem and its good licks to asia. and then nissan is recalling certainly models for 2012 and 2013 altima. have you ever gotten an altima with the ron day rental? >> no. >> when you drive to pilates or something? >> i drove a gmc aurora or something. >> why? >> i went to sesame place yesterday. >> and you rented a zip car to do that? >> no, national alamo. >> you know what, i'm glad you went because we're going to shut that whole place down. sesame, done, finished. didn't see it coming. >> henry loved it. max was a little scared of big bird, thenhenry loved it. it was something. >> no kidding. >> one heck of a sunday. >> that's so funny you have to rent a car to -- >> it's a block away, so
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2